Christmas with ESCADA Holidays

I don't believe in Santa, but I do believe in unicorns instead. Christmas has always been such a time of the year when I waited for something special to happen. I wished for family gatherings, a lot of presents and a bit of magic. Today Christmas means a lot more to me, it means I can celebrate, but not in the traditional way only. I can also celebrate myself and that's the holiday I love most. 


This might sound too egoistic, but I am sure most of you would agree with me at the end. While we get older we also get stuck in all those duties and responsibilities that we never actually wished for. We always dreamed to have the grown-up life but in an easy teenage manner. We grew up to find out life works differently. So let's forget about all those things we had to deal with on the daily basis and escape to the world of our own and unlimited reality. Merry Christmas! 


Dress by Escada ❤