5 most important style tips for fall/winter 2017

We are in the middle of November here, and if you haven't set your wardrobe staples yet, it is yet not late to do so. I don't own plenty of stuff, but I like to pick out a few items, that would mostly cross-match really well. So here are my tips on what to focus on this season!


Most important thing in fall/winter is, of course, the outerwear. For this season it is not a secret that there are two ultimate must-haves in your wardrobe. (well, actually three, but I am yet not really into the puffer jackets that much)


The first one is (surprise!) the checked coat, as seen at everyone's and their mother's Instagram. It couldn't get more obvious than that. It's also timeless, so there is no need to get rid of it next season.


The second must-have is a faux fur coat. Mainly in pastel pink (blue and yellow are for the bravest), but also in a variety of different colours and patterns. You will see a lot of leopards escaping from the zoo as well. Don't be shy, be one of them, it's totally legal this season.


It is good to have a few cool jumpers that would warm you up during the cold windy days, isn't it? I would suggest having a few basic ones as well as some that would stand out with a colour or pattern. Most wanted are the chenille jumpers, or those that come in all shades of yellow. 


For dresses, you will not miss if you go for a floral chiffon one. Nevermind it's getting cold, fashion is our new religion. Wear some thick tights and long coat to keep your bum warm. But  chiffon dress is something no-one can resist. 


When you look for new trousers, there is a variety to choose from this season, but keep an eye on stripes and checks, they are truly hot right now. 


Also, there is no other thing selling out as fast as the pleated metallic skirt. In all shades possible, don't wait for Christmass, style it with a cosy jumper and military boots. 


The most important bag of the season is the backpack. Backpack game is so real right now, you absolutely must have at least one in your closet.


I have a few, but my absolute favourite is the Chanel Gabrielle from the latest Space collection because it is simply stunning. My other fav I can't live without is the Maria Maleta reversible backpack because it can hold everything I need and is extremely cool and practical. 


You can go for anything you like, but make sure it's a backpack. And maybe metallic. Or reversible, at least. 


It's time to forget about clichés and wear the lingerie that truly reflects your style and personality.


The best advice I've heard recently was from an interview of the burlesque diva, Dita Von Teese: "Don't wear special lingerie on a special occasion, make it a part of your style and only then, when you feel comfortable wearing it on the daily basis, you will be the most attractive when it's time to undress." 


I mostly enjoy underwear made exclusively out of cotton. With a bit of retro vibes, this is the style that makes me feel the most comfortable and confident. And this is the underwear I feel the sexiest in, to be honest. There is nothing better than feeling yourself feminine and free, starting straight from your first layer of clothes. 


My recent obsession is the handmade underwear by Object Apparel, an indie label from Detroit, Michigan. I just feel myself happy when wearing it, without any compromise or regret.


Despite the moody winter season, sunglasses are very in right now. Especially the dramatic cat-eye ones with a strong 90s vibe. And I'm really enjoying that! Surprisingly this style fits my face shape really well, as well as it might fit yours! Don't be afraid to try out something new! Fashion is fun, you just need to enjoy it!


Another thing is a huge obsession with gold(en) jewellery. Necklaces and pendants can be never enough, so layering is also highly recommended here. Don't wear one, but three or four pieces! Go overboard, it's a must!


Watches have become more of a fashion accessory, than a status piece in general. Rolex may never go out of style and demand, but meanwhile, there are some really affordable options that also show time just as good enough. I am a fan of Cluse and DW watches, both add a nice accent to any of my looks. 



This post is supported by Polaroid Originals, the coolest brand ever that brought back the square format polaroids and made them available in all different variations and forms. I used the Color Film for 600 for this post and I also extremely adore their vintage Pink and Grey 600 Cool Cam