Things I plan to do in Paris / Paris Fashion Week

I am back in my favourite city in the world and I have some very exciting work, leisure and shopping plans here. So I thought that making a list of things I want to shop for, addresses I would like to visit and some important events will make it a useful reference for me and a fun post for you to browse through. 


CHLOE | I fell in love with this Faye backpack one month ago in Nice and now I feel like I will be getting it in Paris. I am considering a Chloe backpack since last December (as you know I am very picky about bags and I think I have to want one really badly to be sure about it for 100%).


These backpacks are fairly new to Chloe and I feel like they didn't shoot out right after launching but are gaining some decent popularity right now. At first they had a larger version and a mini, but while a mini is really cute yet impractical, a large was too large for me, so I wasn't sure enough if I could pull it off right.


And now they recently released a medium-sized version of the Faye backpack and discontinued the large. I feel like this is another perfect bag for me now and especially in this light camel colour. 


I am planning to visit my favourite Chloé Boutique at 253 Rue Saint Honoré



URBAN OUTFITTERS | It's not the most French experience to have, but while a store in Frankfurt is a bit closer to me, I still have no idea when I will be visiting it. So I thought I need to take a look at the new selection in Paris if I have time. Probably I will choose the more convenient Galeries Lafayette at Boulevard Haussmann 40 than the Le BHV Marais at 52 Rue De Rivoli.

diptyque | I ran out of my favourite Noisetier / Hazel Tree Mini Candle a few days ago, so I will definitely need to get another one while I'm in Paris. I might take a look at the 330-332 Rue Saint Honoré or 34, Boulevard Saint Germain (never been there btw) as I like to visit boutiques instead of department store areas.

SÉZANE | I have never seen or tried anything from this brand in person, but that is something I need to fix in my life. Sezane is a truly French label with a chic Parisian style and a modern young vibe. I can't believe I've been to Paris so many times and didn't get to visit them before.



1 rue saint Fiacre
75002 Paris 

All the fall collection is available to take home with you.

L'Appartement is open Wednesday through Saturday, from 11 am to 8 pm.

Byredo | I am really interested to try out this Gypsy Water perfume as I've seen so many bloggers obsessing about it on Instagram. It is supposed to have a bergamot base scent, which is my favourite. I love everything bergamot and if it's labeled somewhere on a product, you can consider it sold. It has some citrus notes as well, which might work just as a tea with lemon for me. I am sure I'll love that. 


I will probably take a look at their boutique at COLETTE
213, rue Saint Honoré
40, boulevard Haussmann



MONOPRIX | This has become a sort of tradition for me already. Whenever I come to Paris I always it some clothes for my daughter at Monoprix. They have such a nice quality there combined with the simple french style. Mira always gets complimented on her outfits and when people find out it's just basically a grocery store haul, they find it hard to believe. 


LA LIBRAIRIE by SÉZANE | It feels like I can grab a cup of hot beverage and browse through the selection of books there. Sounds good enough for me to give a visit. And the entire leather goods collection is also there available to take home. Oh God, I need to make sure I visit the Chloe boutique first ;)



3 rue Saint Fiacre
75002 Paris

La Librairie is open Wednesday through Saturday, from 11 am to 8 pm.

Le Loir dans la théière | It is an absolute favourite place of mine for a tasteful and fresh lunch in Marais. I have reviewed them at Licorne Magazine a while ago, but I never miss a chance to give them another visit whenever I am in Paris. Their menu is mostly permanent, but lots of dishes are seasonally adopted, so there is a great chance you will find your favourite salad missing the next time you visit. Not to spoil the experience, they will always have something else on the list to keep you satisfied. 

A Mère | Located at 49 Rue de l'Échiquier, this is a place I've been only once to and I am really eager to try it out again. I am not sure I will get there this time, but I will still put it on my list as I might. This restaurant is a cure for my anxiety for unknown ingredients in meals and a fascinating culinary experience in general. 


The menu is blind (means that you can't choose what you want, but you will be surprised instead with what chief serves you) and consists of several courses. 

HONOR Cafe | This is a place I picked especially for Serj because he really enjoys a great cup of coffee wherever we travel, so we I have to save up some places ahead of our trip. This place is basically a glass box on a black carcas hidden inside of the most luxurious district of Paris. 


54 Rue Du Faubourg St Honoré, Paris 75008


Andrew GN | I am so honoured to get invited to Andrew GN fashion show in Paris this season, this is one of my dreams come true experiences. While I am only a small blogger from Germany and a young magazine owner, I have never imagined life would give me a chance to meet such amazing people in person and attend their shows at PFW. So this is a very special moment of my life and I am really looking forward to it. 

CODAGE Boutique Paris | I've been getting a few pr samples from Codage recently to try out and I fell in love with their extreme hydration effect and the light textures. So I'm planning to visit them in Paris and bring back some pictures for Licorne Magazine and an interview with some insiders advice from their experts on all the secrets for keeping the skin hydrated to the max. 


8 Rue du Trésor, 75004 Paris, France

PFW | This is a perfect event to hunt down the most trending bloggers out there too. During this time streets of Paris are bursting with style and fashion icons, so I'd better keep my batteries charged!