Skincare and Makeup I can never leave at home when travelling

Getting closer to 30 made me care about my skin with much more attention and effort. Though I am truly blessed with good genetics and looking youthful is something very typical for our family members, but I have to admit that my skin got more thirsty lately and needs much more care than it did before. So packing a suitcase on a trip means that the half of it will be occupied with skincare. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but there are plenty of products that I find impossible to leave at home lately. (btw, I took those pictures at a tiny artsy Parisian Airbnb that we stayed at recently).


So here is a brief of my daily morning skincare routine while traveling: 

1. Clean my face with micellar water 

2. Use a serum 

3. Use another serum

4. Apply the day cream 

5. Oops, I forgot the eye serum. Let's do it now.

6. Fuck, I forgot the eye cream at home. Well, that sucks.

Starting the routine with face cleaning is one of the most important things ever. Removing the dirt and the excess oils from the surface before applying any product will keep your pores from clogging and skin from breaking out. So while I use soaps and scrubs in the evening, I like to keep my mornings light and wipe off the night with micellar water. I am obsessing about Codage right now, so there is nothing easier than using their micellar water from the Travel Prescription set.


The same goes for serums as well, I love Codage serums for their light textures and extraordinary hydration skills. And no perfume scents at all. I am a freak, I love cosmetics without a fragrance (or with a very apothecary-like scent). Some of my favourite serums from Codage include the №1, №3 and the Summer Time (for hotter climates or sunny weather). I always bring a few with me and use the ones I need the most according to the occasion. 


Another serum I can't live without is the BioEffect EGF Day Serum. I like to apply it straight over Cogade and it feels like a secret weapon combo. BioEffect is the brand that changed my perspective on skincare in general for the visible results. After giving birth to Mira my skin went from dewy to dull in a glance, with being very dry at the cheek area and extremely oily at the t-zone. After a long try-and-fails, I could cure that situation only with the BioEffect products and now this is my new religion.


I like to match their serum with a DayTime cream for normal skin and that is a very important step to follow. Doesn't matter if you use 2-3 serums at once, you still need to seal it with the protective layer. The texture of this cream is very light and nourishing, my absolute favourite of face products ever. 


For eyes, there is another BioEffect product that I am absolutely in love with and it is their EGF Eye Serum. As you might have noticed I am a very brand-conservative person when it comes to travelling, I pick only those items that work best, fast and make wonders. So this eye serum is the only product that I've tried so far and is very effective in fighting the dark circles. And mine are quite stubborn to leave, I must say.  




I rarely paint a full-face on a daily basis, but when traveling I like to use a bit more (to look my best if there is a chance of snapping a good picture):


1. Foundation. The best one is still the LA MER soft fluid. Very lightweight, acts like a seconds skin, barely visible and easily buildable for more coverage. It is the only foundation I can forget about when wearing. 


2. Contour. I don't have much of the contouring options in my pouch, but I don't need plenty when I have one that works well. It's the MAC All the Right Angles Palette in Medium. Hard to find it online now (I got it last year on sale), but it is just the perfect tool for me with the face powder and the shaping shade, all in one. 


3. Concealer. There are two that I never leave at home and they are the Dior Diorskin Nude in 001 and the Und Gretel Tunkal concealers. The first one can be used even without the foundation, it is seamless, but makes a huge difference. The Tunkal concealer is something I never expected to fall in love with. Vegan and high-coverage, doesn't cake and best for full-coverage looks.


4. Blush. The ever-favourite product here is the Dior DiorBlush Sculpt in shade 003.It is positioned as a sculpturing blush, but I find this pale muddy brick shade perfectly complementing my skin tone on the apple cheeks. It is not extremely pigmented (thank God), so quite easy to control. I like to add a stroke on the bridge of my nose as well for the fresh sun-kissed look. The highlighter from the palette is useless though. 


5. Highlight. I am still in a desperate need for a warm-toned highlighter, but my choice right now is this High Beam by Benefit. It is cool pink and naturally blinding. I love that they have a small version of the product because I really don't get these huge pans and bottles I see at every brand. Because how much highlighter do you actually need to satisfy the daily needs? 1/5th of the portion and the rest goes to garbage.


6. Eyes. There is nothing (I repeat, nothing) better than the UD Naked2 Basics Palette. My only regret is that I have discovered it so late. It is just the best option for everyday makeup. Pure basics. And the darkest two shades can be used for eyebrows too, so that seems like a perfect travel palette for me. I use the cream eyeshadow by Lush in shade Elegant for a base quite often as well. 


7. Lashes. Dior DiorShow is for the dramatic effect and Und Gretel Wint is for a simple fresh daily look. No allergies, no irritations, never. Approved and loved, both.


8. Lips. I rarely use lipsticks and usually go for bold red ones, if I do. But for a daily look, I like to use something cute and simple. That is when I've fallen for the Und Gretel Knutzen in Apricot Shimmer. Smells like apricots too. Sold. 



You have probably already noticed that I mentioned a few of the products here that were highlighted as my August Favourites previously. This is not a coincidence, I swear by many still and will probably use most of them non stop until I run out (and repurchase them again). And especially when it comes to travelling it is important to pick only the best and the most loved ones that will not let you down and keep you looking best during the whole trip. Hope this was entertaining and useful for you and please let me know in the comments if there are some of your favourite travel essentials you love and swear by too. I am always keen on trying new products from my readers trusted opinions!