One hairdryer that changed my life

I hate spending to much time on my hair, you know that. It's only recently when I've stopped being annoyed by all the "time waste" and there is a huge life-changing reason for that. 

I'm not sure how about you, girls (or guys :), but having long hair is a big commitment for me. I've had medium to long hair for the most part of my life and it's been a sacrifice only for the looks. I can't say I've been enjoying washing, brushing, drying and styling my hair every single day at all. That is exactly why I cut it short several times and then spent years growing it back again. Because I wanted the sexy feminine look back. I knew I am a fighter.


Thoughts of cutting my hair short have visited me recently as well, but I think now I'm not going to fall for this again. Now I own something that has made the hair care experience not so time-consuming and even somewhere close to pleasurable. As you could have already noticed, it's Dyson's Supersonic hairdryer. Wow, who could have thought! The thing is that this futuristic hairdryer is actually not only overhyped and overpriced (oh lord, what an impressive price tag indeed), but actually very effective. 

The first thing why I love it so much is because I don't hate it. No, really! Anytime I reached out for my old travel-sized hairdryer the only thought I had at the moment back then was "Oh no, another eternity of a hair drying session..." I've tried everything; from sitting on my bathroom floor to setting up an iPad with Youtube videos to keep me entertained. But I hated it anyway. I wanted freedom and not being stuck in the bathroom forever. Supersonic has changed that in core.


It is light, small and powerful. It is everything I ever wanted (and I had no clue it would make such a huge difference). Aaaand it is pretty. It's as pretty as my MacBook (I mean it has the same kind of aesthetics, you know). That is why I prefer to store it on a display, that is a little vintage marble table in my "dressing area" of the room. Small things make me happy. I am a sucker for visually beautiful, you might have guessed that already.

So not only it's much more efficient and powerful, I have noticed that actually makes less noise (different sound frequency), meaning it's less disturbing. Mira doesn't hate it either, she actually loves the new hairdryer a lot, unlike the old noisy one. So surprisingly it's also sort of kid-friendly! Good job, Dyson!


I can blowout and style my hair easily now, almost on a salon-level. The hair seems shinier and stays less tangled during the day. I have no idea why, maybe it's those ions, many it's some sort of voodoo magic (e.g. the right combination of airflow and heat). Nobody really knows. But it works. The most importantly, it has made a huge improvement on my Instagram appearance. (#justbloggerthings :D) While my old blow dryer was so time-consuming, it was also worthless for styling, so my hair looked like a freaking mess all the time. Now I am one step closer to the diva-level blogger (ok, quite far still). But again, good job, Dyson! Love you. 

So to make it short and clear, here are the main reasons why I love my new hairdryer:


• small size

• really powerful

• makes the hair drying process faster and easier

• makes it easy to style your hair

• comfortable to hold

• makes less noise

• cool design

• travel-friendly (doesn't take up much space)

• kid-friendly (not disturbing with loud noise)

• makes hair shiny and less tangly 


Downpoints of the Supersonic:


• it's freaking expensive

I won't try to pursue you on buying it or anything like that. It's a matter of personal preference and affordability, really. Even half of its price would be still a lot for a hair dryer, but I am really obsessed with it and I never thought it would actually become so life-changing, so that is why I decided to share all the experience with you, guys. 


And if you are a fan of the innovative and high-tech stuff, you will probably fall for it too, without any of my help.


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