AUGUST | Favourite Things

August has been a happy and busy month full of travels and vacations. That is why I believe most of my selected items are influenced by the fact that I was frequently hitting the road. I have selected only those products, things, books, movies and music that really touched my heart or influenced my mood and experience. And only because I am really keen myself on reading such kind of reviews by my favourite bloggers, I hope you will also enjoy this little monthly digest of mine too!




While I really enjoy this product at home from time to time, I still always grab it up with me on a trip. There are two simple reasons for it, it is magic and it is fast. This mask calms down the skin efficiently and brings back the healthy glow. It takes only two minutes to act, so I can literally use it while I'm brushing my teeth. And that is why I love to grab it along with me on the trips, as I usually tend to get exhausted by the end of the day and urge getting to bed as quick as possible. So spending less time on beauty care is a goal. Plus I really do believe in masks and I think they are one of the best skin treatments that you think of. So if you are like me and hate wasting time in front of the mirror, consider this mask as a must-have in your first-aid skin care kit. It will definitely save you time and... I wish I would say money, but that would be too good to be true :)



While I don't like to bring too much stuff on my trips as they always get lost if I'm moving from one place to another, I try to keep things simple and neat (and I always fail, oh god). Yet there is something I am very happy about in my travels, and it is a pack of miniature-sized skin care products. 


Let's keep it real, you can probably choose the hard and cheap way of getting the travel-sized empties from your local drugstore and filling them up at home. But who does that really if not your grandma? I love comfort and practicality along with the nice outlook, so that is why I always go for CODAGE Prescriptions. They are neat, pretty and selected wisely, so you won't need anything else but those few bottles to keep your skin hydrated to a max.


CODAGE is indeed one of my favourite skincare brands for its insane hydration skills and light textures. This is my second kit and I am loving it so far. The coolest thing about it is that the products last longer than your trips, especially the serums as you need only two drops to cover all your face and neck area.



I am very picky when it comes to perfumes, even pickier than with bags. I rarely fall for a new scent and purchase it immediately. Usually, it takes me a few days, weeks or even month to accept a new fragrance in my life. Scents always meant a lot to me and I have to attach to it emotionally, to fall in love with it deeply to wear it with confidence later on. 


I also prefer to buy my perfumes while traveling, as I can always discover something new (and fall for it instantly, but that happens rarely) or I just choose the right place for the right perfume to marry it. It creates such an intimate connection of visual and sensual impressions in my brain, that I am always reminded of those moments later on while wearing the perfume back home.


I also love the idea of scents being connected to cities, so knew it was the perfect time to get a bottle of Eau de rhubarbe écarlate Cologne by Hermes on my recent vacation in Nice. The scent is fresh and spicy, it is a scent of excitement and midday sunshine, holding hands in the middle of a busy street, of azure salty waves splashing in white bubbles to our feet, of those pale pastel sunsets and getting cooler sea breeze of the upcoming September. 




I am very sceptical when it comes to organic cosmetics and especially organic makeup. Call me old-fashioned, but I rarely meet organic products that make me wow in a glance. They all come with this beautiful modern concept of containing no chemicals and "being all natural", but just turn out very average in the end. Don't get me wrong, I use a lot of organic stuff, but that is not my religion. That is why I was exceptionally curious when I got a bunch of UND GRETEL press samples to try out. Some of them were good, some pretty average, but then there were those two that really got my attention and, I feel like, my long-term love too. 


KNUTZEN, The Apricot Shimmer Lip Gloss smells really yummy and makes those lips look sexy and juicy. The colour is not vibrant, yet gives the outlook a bit of a spark instantly. It is such a great daily gloss, goes with everything, makes me happy. 


Concealer is something unusual for me to fall in love with as I can assure you there is nothing harder to find than a good concealer. My heart truly belongs to Dior and Sisley versions, but while the first one is affordable, the second has such a high-price range, I honestly don't find the guts to through that money on it. That is why I'm in a constant search and regret because there is nothing really decent out there.


And then I get my hands on this TUNKAL concealer and feel so blessed. It brightens, covers and melts into the skin very naturally, without getting cakey. It's more of a dense consistency and full coverage, but blends out beautifully. Love, love, love. Saves me every time.




Since most of my favourites are linked to traveling, it is no surprise I would include some kind of product like that in my selection. I am not a big fan of heavy tans (I strongly believe that obsessive sunbathing makes your skin age faster) and I also tend to catch the sun very fast, so that is why I was initially looking for something good with a high SPF. 


I have no idea of what a good sunscreen would look like but knew I wanted something with light texture and an easy application. I fell for pretty things easily, that is why this Lancome spray bottle was first to catch my sight.


First of all, I loved the applicator. It can get a bit tricky in the wind but don't get fooled by the weather. Be smart and apply it around the corner, then get to the beach happy and protected. If you use it frequently it will finish fast, but I had just enough for a week and even brought a bit back home. 


The scent is lovely and luxurious and unlike many other screen lotions, it doesn't end up smelling like a dusty roasted skin after a day out. God, I hate when that happens! So one big point for Lancome here. 


Then I can absolutely confirm that the product helps to build a very settle and beautiful tan while protecting the skin from burning (and flaking afterward). I used it on my face as well and it worked just as good as on the body.  




I'm not a big fan of makeup and never was. I can never spend an hour painting my face every morning, and if I do, I consider it a huge waste of time (though it can be really necessary sometimes). 


I believe in a 5-minute makeup routine because that is a maximum I am able to sacrifice there and I still want to look very natural after I've done it all. I am very honest with myself and while I do not have a doll-face, I never even wanted one. I am quite confident about my looks and consider myself pretty attractive just the way I am. Okay, with some minor corrections, but who can tell really? 


That is why I am obsessively into this UD Naked 2 Basics palette. Versatile and multipurpose, I use it both for eyes and eye brows as well. Usually I wear shades 2-3-4 on my eyes and brows get filled with the shade 5 (or rarely 6 for a bit more drama). A splash of mascara and I'm done. 


That is why it became such an essential for me in August and I am glad I discovered it before all my trips, because it made my travel cosmetic pouch less bulky and heavy indeed. 




If you've been following me for a while, you probably already know that designer bags is my thing. Designer bags is what I will never have enough of and continue wasting my money on them for the entire life. But we all need some kind of passion, don't we? (I just wish mine wasn't that expensive, but, oh well) 


I know light colours are impractical and very high-maintenance, but I fell in love with this Escada bag for many other reasons that made me stick to it with all my heart. I have recently added a lot of light nude pink tones to my wardrobe and felt like I didn't have a matching bag for it all. So that was the main reason I opened a hunt for a light-toned bag. Another reason is the size and shape. I have a very similar one from Burberry that I love and use often, but it is in black and doesn't close on top.


What I really like about Escada bag in comparison to the Burberry Banner bag that it has a very cute lid with a beautiful bow detail on it. I feel it looks more chic and safe, so nothing will fall out from it. Then the cross-body strap which is wide and really comfortable, so it never cuts in my shoulder. 


And then comes the problem of maintaining and keeping the bag from stains and marks. But there are few tricks I just discovered yesterday from Chase Amie's video where she explains how to care and protect designer leather goods from all that trouble. 




There is something really unexplainable about CLUSE watches and why I fall for them every time. This is my second collaboration with this brand and before you scroll down and say "pfff, I'm not falling for this ad", I have to tell you this is not sponsored. Yes, I've got a pr sample, but nothing more, no money behind. And while I almost bought this watch myself at our local concept store, why not to choose a collaboration instead?


So while I'm not going to hide from my readers that I do get pr samples from different brands, I can always choose with whom I want to work with and that initially saves me from being obliged to review items I don't actually like or wouldn't buy myself. 


And I do really love that watch! Believe it or not, I wear it every day now. As it turned out I am also not a watch-person as much a bag-person, so while I would definitely appreciate a Rolex, I still feel the same amount of joy from wearing this CLUSE watch. Unlike Rolex, it is not heritage, but a beautiful accessory that I love for its chic and simplistic design. You don't need to spend a fortune to have a style and this is what CLUSE is about. 


They also do bracelets now, which is a brilliant addition to the watch and even by itself. Minimalistic and light, it is there without pulling too much attention. 




This is of my favourite tools for work and leisure and it is so pretty, I can easily consider it as a part of my style. We really appreciate good gadgets here and while we are both (Serj and I) fans of Apple products, we do enjoy them for the look and the performance. This MacBook was a recent purchase of mine though I wanted it for a while already. The reasons I picked exactly this model was for the small and yet very practical size, light weight and, of course, the rose gold finish. I wanted a notebook that I could easily grab with me on the go and it wouldn't break my shoulder. A perfect choice for outdoor work and travel. This little beast is strong enough to manage some more performance efficient tasks, though I have promised myself not to install Photoshop there and use it only for managing emails and blog posts.  I have my huge iMac for those purposes.






I am a big fan of Alexandre Dumas and I have found myself another hobby of reading and exploring his books. I would not claim that his books are for children only, I strongly believe that they are very intellectual, historically accurate (mostly) and really valuable regarding the amount of information about the living in those particular times the books take place in. 


The Dame Du Monsoreau a second book from the trilogy about the Huguenot wars that took place in France in the 16th century that was initiated by Charles IX and continued by his brother and throne heir, Henry III.


I extremely enjoyed the story, the characters and the mood of this book. There is a tragic love story, the intrigues inside of Louvre, the details of everyday life and culture. 



Gestalten is my favourite German publisher for being based in Germany and publishing beautiful stuff in English. Just as myself :D No, really, if you are into gorgeous inspirational books like me, you will fall for some of their editions easily. 


Scandinavia Dreaming is a huge collection of modern home designs and while I love to dream of living in such spaces, I can also find something to implement in my own home. If not, then just to enjoy the aesthetics of Scandinavian interiors. 


We have reviewed this book in Licorne Magazine, so if you wish to find out more about it, just check out here



One of the most interesting travel journals you will ever find out there. Lots of curious stories, notes, and photos. I read it from cover to cover and could only regret that it ended so fast. It is a bi-annual edition, but I am sure they will start issuing it more frequently if we give them a proper support as readers.


My favourite story of this issue is The Atomic Age article, where I found out a lot about some radioactive materials and the consequences of their industrial use and production. 


Lots of great images, pleasant layout, and curious texts, that is what this smart British indie journal will keep you entertained with. Also, I'm really into the A5 format, easy to drop in your bag and read while on the road. 



GAME OF THRONES SEASON 7 had it's final episode in the end of August and it was one of the most epic shows I've seen this year. Of course, I am not going to flood with spoilers here, but I just want to say that while I am a big fan of the show, it has become fairly predictable and I think I might have guessed the epilogue of this big story as well. But we will need to wait a few more years to find out.

THE DARJEELING LIMITED is one of those good old films that will melt your heart and fill it with love to the top. With its artistic cinematography, we are watching a story of three brothers on a train trip in India. Colourful and full of contrasts, this movie is something really worth to consider. 

SHOT CALLER is a movie that you I didn't expect to like a lot as I am not really a fan of the prison scene. But this story really got me and it turned out to be one of the best criminal dramas I've ever seen. Give it a try, at least you will be pleased to see a familiar face you already miss the Game of Thrones ;)