I don't believe in Santa, but I do believe in unicorns instead. Christmas has always been such a time of the year when I waited for something special to happen. I wished for family gatherings, a lot of presents and a bit of magic. Today Christmas means a lot more to me...


 hate spending to much time on my hair, you know that. It's only recently when I've stopped being annoyed by all the "time waste" and there is a huge life-changing reason for that. 


I'm not sure how about you, girls (or guys :), but having long hair is a big commitment for me. I've had medium to long hair for the most part of my life and it's been a sacrifice only for the looks. I can't say I've been enjoying washing, brushing, drying and styling my hair every single day at all. That is exactly why I cut it short several times and then spent years growing it back again. Because I wanted the sexy feminine look back. I knew I am a fighter. 



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